Pretties For You  (US-CD)  (studio 1969)

Easy Action  (studio 1970)

Alice Cooper  (live 1969, Toronto Rock’n’Roll Revival, boot)

Love It To Death  (studio 1971)

Love It To Death GOLD Edition  (limited, re-mastered 24 kt GOLD edition)

Alice In Rockland  (live 1971/studio outtake 1973, boot)

The King Snake  (live 1971/studio 1973, “Billion Dollar Babies Outtakes” / live 1978, boot)

Killer  (studio 1971)

Killer GOLD Edition  (limited, re-mastered 24 kt GOLD edition)

School’s Out  (studio 1972)

School's Out GOLD Edition  (limited, re-mastered 24 kt GOLD edition)

Billion Dollar Babies  (studio 1973)

Billion Dollar Babies DELUXE EDITION (2-CD) (see above, plus live CD)

Muscle Of Love  (studio 1974)

Greatest Hits  (best of 1971-1973)

Welcome To My Nightmare  (studio 1975)

Welcome To My Nightmare  (see above, plus 3 bonus tracks)

The Beast Of Alice Cooper  (best of 1971-1975)

When Nightmares Turn Into Dreams  (live in Los Angeles, LA Forum, 17/06/75, boot)

Goes To Hell  (studio 1976)

Lace And Whiskey  (studio 1977)

The Alice Cooper Show  (official Live CD, recorded live in Las Vegas, Aladin Hotel, 19/10/77)

Live In Saginaw 1978  (live in Saginaw, MI, Wendler Arena,  10/05/78, boot)

Alice Is Back  (live 1971/1978, boot)

From The Inside  (studio 1978)

Go To Hell  (live 1975/1978/1979, boot)

Mad House Rock  (live in San Diego, San Diego Sports Arena, 09/04/79, boot)

Flush The Fashion  (studio 1980)

The El Paso Show  (live in El Paso, 04/06/80, boot)

Live In The U.S.A. 1978/1980  (live 1978/1980, boot)

Special Forces  (studio 1981)

Zipper Catches Skin  (studio 1982)

Zipper Catches Skin  (J-CD)  (see above, Japanese pressing)

DaDa  (studio 1983)

Constrictor  (studio 1986)

Constrictor  (US-CD)  (see above)

Nightmare Live  (live in Cincinnatti, OH, Cincinnatti Gardens, 06/03/87, boot)

Raise Your Fist And Yell  (studio 1987)

Prince Of Darkness  (mix of “Constrictor” and “Raise Your Fist And Yell” plus “Billion Dollar Babies” live 1982)

Interview ‘Snackes And Dead Babies’  (CD-clock) (Interview)

Trash  (studio 1989)

Trash (Korean-CD) (see above, censored CD missing “Bed Of Nails”)

Alice Cooper Trashes The World  (live in Birmingham, UK, National Exhibition Center, 14/12/89, boot)

Hey Stoopid  (studio 1991)

Alice  (live in Chicago, Electric Ladyland, 13/09/91, boot)

The Last Temptation  (studio 1994)

The Last Temptation / Live At Electric Lady  (2 J-CD)  (CD 1: studio 1994, CD 2: live 1991)

Goes To Chile  (live in Santiago, Chile, 07/09/95, boot)

Poison  (2-CD)  (best of 1989/1991/1994)

Hell Is  (best of 1989/1991/1994)

Superhits (best of 1989/1991/1994)

Classicks  (best of 1989/1991/1994, live 1989, 1995)

A Fistful Of Alice  (official Live CD, 1997)

A Fistful Of Alice  (J-CD)  (see above plus “Billion Dollar Babies”/”Clones” and “Bed Of Nails”)

Freedom For Frankenstein  (best of, studio and live 1984-1991, 1998)

The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper  (4-CD)  (1966-1994: rare and unrealesed stuff plus studio classics, 1999)

Brutal Planet  (studio 2000, Limited European Edition, contains exclusive poster, slipcase and screensaver)

Brutal Planet Limited Tour Edition  (see above + Interview, 4 live songs and It’s The Little Things video, 2001)

Dragontown  (studio 2001)

Dragontown European Limited Tour Edition  (see above, plus “Can't Sleep”, “Gimme” video, screensaver and poster, 2002)

Dragontown European Special Edition  (2-CD) (including “Can’t Sleep” and “Brutal Planet Remix”, 2002)

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper (lim. European Edition)  (studio 2003, blue eyes)

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper (lim. European Edition)  (see above, green eyes, still sealed)

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper (lim. European Edition)  (see above, purple eyes)

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper (lim. European Edition)  (see above, red eyes)

Dirty Diamonds  (studio 2005)

Dirty Diamonds  (see above, incl. “The Sharpest Pain”, Russian Digi-Book)

Along Came A Spider (studio 2008, lim. Edition Digi-Pack)

Old School Boxset (4-CD, 2 Vinyl, DVD)  (1964-1974, limited edition, # 2959, 2011)

Welcome 2 My Nightmare Limited Deluxe Edition  (incl. 3 bonus tracks, Nightmare Express Ticket Print & Bonus Art Poster)

Welcome 2 My Nightmare Fan-Pack (studio 2011; Fan-Pack including bonus tracks, 132 page magazine, poster, button, mask)





Back From The Grave Part 4  (v/a, two SPIDERS-songs: “Don’t Blow Your Mind”, “No Price Tag”)

Welcome To Our Nightmare  (2-CD)  (Tribute-CD, many unknown bands, 1991)

Humanary Stew  (Tribute-CD, with Bruce Dickinson, Slash, Ronnie James Dio and many more, 1999)

Thinking Of Alice  (Tribute-CD, 2001)

Mutations – A Tribute To Alice Cooper (Tribute-CD with all electronical music, 2002)

Billion Dollar Babies / Complete Battle Axe  (3-CD)  (Disc 1: LP / Disc 2: Demos / Disc 3: Live 1977)





Poison  (1989, Bottle cover CD, lim.)

Hey Stoopid  (1991)

Love’s A Loaded Gun  (1991)

Love’s A Loaded Gun  (1991, Gun Pack CD, lim.)

Love’s A Loaded Gun  (1991, Gun Pack CD with autograph, lim.)

Feed My Frankenstein  (1991, digi-pack)

Lost In America  (1994)

Lost In America  (1994, misspelled title on inner sleeve)





Only My Heart Talking  (US Promo CD-Single, 1989)

House Of Fire (Promo CD-Single, 1989)

Hey Stoopid (Promo CD-Single, 1991)

It’s Me  (GB Promo CD-Single, 1994)

A Fistful Of Alice PROMO  (PROMO CD, 1997)

The Song That Didn’t Rhyme  (Promo CD-Single, still sealed, 2003)