LPs / MCs

LPs / MCs:


Pretties For You  (LP)  (studio 1969)

Easy Acton  (LP)  (studio 1970)

Easy Acton  (MC)  (see above)

School Days  (2-LP)  (“Pretties For You” and “Easy Action”)

Toronto Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival 1969 Vol.6  (PD)  (live 1969, boot)

Nobody Likes Me  (MC)  (see above)

A Man Called Alice  (MC)  (see above)

Bizarre Rock  (MC)  (see above)

Science Fiction  (MC)  (see above)

Love It To Death  (US-LP uncensored cover)  (studio 1971)

Love It To Death  (LP)  (see above)

Love It To Death  (MC)  (see above)

1971 Early A  (LP)  (live 1971, boot)

Killer  (LP)  (studio 1971)

Killer  (MC)  (see above)

School’s Out  (LP)  (studio 1972)

School’s Out  (MC)  (see above)

School’s Out  (LP)  (mexican pressing)

Billion Dollar Babies  (LP)  (studio 1973)

Living Next Door To Alice  (LP)  (“Billion Dollar Babies Outtakes”, boot)

Muscle Of Love  (LP)  (studio 1973)

Greatest Hits  (LP)  (best of 1971 - 1973)

Greatest Hits  (MC)  (see above)

Welcome To My Nightmare  (LP)  (studio 1975)

Welcome To My Nightmare  (MC)  (see above)

The Beast Of Alice Cooper  (LP)  (best of 1971 - 1975)

The Beast Of Alice Cooper  (MC)  (see above)

Goes To Hell  (LP)  (studio 1976)

Lace And Whiskey  (LP)  (studio 1977)

Lace And Whiskey  (MC)  (see above)

The Alice Cooper Show  (LP)  (official live recording, 1977)

Live USA  (MC)  (live 1971/1978, boot)

King Biscuit Flower Hour  (LP)  (live in Saginaw, MI, Wendler Arena, 10/05/78, boot)

A Billion $ Show  (LP)  (live 1978, see SAGINAW, boot)

You’re All Crazier Than I Am  (LP / blue vinyl)  (live 1975/1978, boot)

From The Inside  (LP)  (studio 1978)

From The Inside  (MC)  (see above)

Flush The Fashion  (LP)  (studio 1980)

The (El Paso) Show  (LP)  (live in El Paso 04/06/80, boot)

Special Forces  (LP)  (studio 1981)

Collection Alice Cooper  (LP)  (best of 1971-1981)

No More Mr. Nice Guy  (LP)  (live Glasgow, Apollo, 19/02/82, boot)

Zipper Catches Skin  (LP)  (studio 1982)

DaDa  (LP)  (studio 1983)

Constrictor  (LP)  (studio 1986)

Constrictor  (MC)  (see above)

Rock Sagas - Interview  (PD)  (Interview)

Raise Your Fist And Yell  (LP)  (studio 1987)

Interview  (PD) (Interview)

Trash  (LP)  (studio 1989)

Trash  (MC)  (see above)

Hey Stoopid  (LP)  (studio 1991)

Hey Stoopid  (MC)  (see above)

Best Of  (2-MC)  (best of from “Hey Stoopid” and “Beast Of”)

The Last Temptation  (LP + Comic)  (studio 1994)

The Last Temptation  (MC)  (see above)

Classicks  (LP)  (best of 1989/1991/1994, live 1989, 1995)

Classicks  (MC)  (see above)

A Fistful Of Alice  (2-LP)  (official Live CD, on 2 LPs, 1997)

A Fistful Of Alice  (MC)  (official Live CD, 1997)

Brutal Planet (LP)  (studio 2000, limited edition, NOTVD, 500 copies, with straightjacket-cover, handnumbered: 205/500)

Dragontown (LP)  (studio 2001, limited edition, NOTVD, 500 copies, with straightjacket-cover, handnumbered: 201/500)

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper  (LP)  (studio 2003)

Dirty Diamonds (LP)  (studio 2005, limited edition, NOTVD, 500 copies, with popup-cover, handnumbered: 449/500)

Along Came A Spider (LP) (studio 2008, clear vinyl)

Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2-LP)  (studio 2011, blood red vinyl, plus bonus track "Flatline" & bonus art poster)





Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (4-LP)  (soundtrack, Alice: “Because”)

Roadie  2-LP  (soundtrack, Alice: “Road Rats” / “Pain”)

Billion Dollar Babies / Battle Axe (LP)





Love’s A Loaded Gun  (MC)  (1991)





Elected / Luney Tune  G/72

School’s Out / Elected  F/73

You And Me / It's Hot Tonight  F/77

How You Gonna See Me Now / No Tricks  G/79

Clones (We’re All) / Model Citizen  G/80

He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) / Billion Dollar Babies (live)  UK/86

Bed Of Nails / I'm Your Gun  UK/89

House Of Fire / This Maniac's In Love With You  UK/88

Only My Heart Talkin’ / Only Women Bleed  (Limited Edition poster Bag & Cassette)  US/89

Only My Heart Talkin' / Only Women Bleed  UK/90

Love’s A Loaded Gun / Fire (competition)  GB/91





Four Tracks From Alice Cooper  (1975)

For Britain Only  (1982, 1 studio, 3 live)

Hey Stoopid  (PD)  (1991)

Love’s A Loaded Gun  (PD)  (1991)





Talk Talk  (G Promo Single, 1980)

Hey Stoopid  (MC)  (G Promo MC, 1991)